029 White Fang

podcast-white-fang-what-i-learned029 White Fang

Fear. Childhood. Life throws you challenges you are not prepared for, that’s how it is.

What does an intelligent person do when unwell?

Being OK.

Nothing wrong with crying but don’t carry on for 20 years.

Culture and living as a free man.

Every learning is painful. Is it ok to be the only wolf who learns it?



022 Self: Part 2: Pain & Happiness

how-to-be-happy022 Self: Part 2: Pain & Happiness

Be sure to listen to Part 1 first.

In Part 2, Sophie shows how, almost everything you think you can’t, you can. It doesn’t make sense…

Listen and find out how you can be happy more of the time.  Instead of up, down, jerked from side to side where happy is fleeting.