030 Skill Building

podcast-skill-building030 Skill Building.

What are skills?

Building blocks. You can’t learn surgery with doing surgery. Embroidery as a skill.

It’s too late to dig a well when you’re thirsty.¬† Seeing and hitting the bullseye.

Skills are portable.

TLB – you have to challenge yourself and have a conversation with yourself.

Conversations that get you unstuck are a skill.

James Altucher became a person when he chose himself. Stop complaining. That’s how it is. Don’t worry if nobody choses you.


029 White Fang

podcast-white-fang-what-i-learned029 White Fang

Fear. Childhood. Life throws you challenges you are not prepared for, that’s how it is.

What does an intelligent person do when unwell?

Being OK.

Nothing wrong with crying but don’t carry on for 20 years.

Culture and living as a free man.

Every learning is painful. Is it ok to be the only wolf who learns it?



002 The Anna Karenina Principle… or how to find and follow your path successfully

find-way-out-woodsMy name is Sophie Benshitta Maven
I am a true empath, and energy master, and a coach. I coach people to become expanding human beings… the next level of human evolution.
my site is yourvibration.com

This  podcast is about The path to happiness, fulfillment, and a life lived well?

there are two dramatically different approaches to self-growth.

The first will give you advice on what to do and promises that all those many actions will surely take you to where you want to go. Continue reading “002 The Anna Karenina Principle… or how to find and follow your path successfully”