What can you learn from a one-track pony?

I have been, I am just noticing, making myself miserable.

What got me out of that direction down to desperation, ultimately, a Carlos Castaneda quote:

The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same

But, not so obviously, what Carlos Castaneda may be suggesting is that you practice positive thinking, which is a thoughtless practice… makes you really one-track minded. Continue reading


Lighting up curiosity is like alchemy… like magic

My notes… if you are inclined to transcribe this episode, I am inclined to trade my products or services with you…

the two brains
curiosity is a right brain phenomena
learning is a left brain

curiosity, when properly awakened, is the spark or the initial much needed step to cause learning.

ignorance is caused by no curiosity.

curiosity is alchemy… needs an alchemist or a master chef… it is rare like a lightening that hits right in the middle of your piled up firewood when you have no match to start a fire.

magic, restriction, secrecy, all the elements of drama that make a thriller a pageturner are the elements to light a fire of curiosity… a hint of something, a little information, a preview…

034 – Building Muscles and Expectations.

build-core-muscle-strength-podcast034 – Building core muscle strength. Seeing from another view. Atrophied muscles. Schadenfreude. The curious link between expectations, misery and happiness.

032 Is that real?

dolphin-podcast-curiosity032 Is that real?

Techniques for getting out of misery and increasing your IQ.

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