048 – Principles Part 1

048 – Principles Part 1

Look where else… is it a principle?

The colour exercise…wordless recognition

Marriage, spouses, children, siblings and parents..

046 – Reading and Humility

podcast-reading-humility046- Reading and Humility

How to read. Humility. Business. Eating the menu. Watching business videos and wondering why you are not making money.

You don’t hear what you hear, you dont taste what you eat… you never considering looking again

Beginner’s mind and humility. To look again you need to declare yourself incompetent. Say: I know nothing I am an empty vessel, fiill me up. The danger of a little bit of knowledge and when you see it wrong…

038 – What are you up to?

podcast-business-what-are-you-up-to038 – What are you up to?

This special episode is for business owners with a growth mindset. Busy-ness, clarity, revenue, attention. The secret to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s success- they put all their attention on what they are doing. A tool from Sophie that helps you put all your attention on what you are doing. Can you wash dishes in a way that builds business muscle? If you’re looking to improve your business revenues, then Reclaim could be for you.

025 Context and Goals (Part 2)

context-desire-ambition025 Context and Goals (Part 2)

The second part of the podcast. Be sure to listen to the first part.

Goals. Ambition, desire and picking a direction.

017 Systems and the Big Picture

business-systems017 Systems and the Big Picture

Nothing in reality is a straight line.  There’s no direct approach.

Building skills and a business takes seeing the big picture and deliberate practice.


012 Good. Bad. Change is the only constant.


012 Good. Bad. Change is the only constant.

How reading the newspaper trains you to make hasty conclusions.

If you own a business, this episode is especially important.