056 – Vocabulary… what does it signify?

podcast-increase-your-vocabulary 056 – Vocabulary

The true purpose of the 67 Steps. Your vocabulary score and why it matters.

Reading, books and learning.

036- TV and Coaching

podcast-strengthen-muscles-meet-your-own-expectations-life-is-tough036- TV and Coaching. Missing capacity of looking from many angles. Principles of the 67 Steps. How to awaken the innate capacity? Daily coaching environment that nudges you to growth. How do you correct what you are not clear about? Life is tough. Meeting life’s challenges.

035 – Men and Ambition

podcast-angry-god-tai-lopez-growth-meeting-expectations-of-yourself035 – Men and Ambition. Tai Lopez- does he meet his own expectations? Is Tai growing? Godlike. Next evolutionary stage of humans. Millionaires and misery.