Raising your vibration… taking correction

I had a series of workshops back in 2012, and this one is especially precious: it shows why you are afraid to change and the strategies, unconscious strategies you use to avoid change.

Here is just the audio, by the way

The call is long, so be prepared. It teaches a lot I am not teaching any more, but I should.
What give you juice? What is it that you are willing to “pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor?”

What gives you Juice in your life? If your answer is nothing… join the 99%

Nothing yet? join the 99% of humanity for whom staying the same is more important than anything else. Even if that “same” is misery, loneliness, wretchedness, poverty, and abuse.

In the call today and in the near future, until all of you get some JUICE, we’ll learn the fundamentals. I’ll take you from pre-kindergarten (this is where you are now) through a PhD… if you allow me.

Life is very different with a PhD: you are at choice, you are at your power, you actually feel happy, fulfilled and alive

One thought on “Raising your vibration… taking correction”

  1. Dear Miss Sophie good evening im am blessed to have found you I have asked for help im in change I was in search of prayers to keep nasty away an some how you came up after I found anti demonic psalms found from the Dead Sea scrolls an the prayer Ana B koan to protect my soul I feel so much have been threw hell do to no empathy in this world learned the hard way felt at a loss then decided to let go of all I feared so that I could be free to be me an take my energy back see I love all and judge none do to I love to make others happy I depleted my self An was close to death diagnosis lupus no sun pain could not walk very sick. My husband died he passed by pain meds heartache i know now he was making me sick depressed ect I was getting sick sick sick all an all I’m very sensitive. I have been blessed I have come out of that hell do to my will to live and prayers I’m here to live my soul purpose an change I welcome it so help me God Many are not real I have asked an been lead to you thank you for you Miss Sophie 🌟 I need guidance if you will thank you peace be with you also with me 🙏🏻Amen 💫

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