008 I am all over the place… how will I find my life’s work?

My name is Sophie Benshitta Maven, and my main site is https://www.yourvibration.com Where I teach people how to raise their vibration.

This is an old audio. It’s a conversation with a regular caller who is all over the place… I advise her on how to start living her life’s purpose, how to make room for it, etc. It’s a good first audio on my podcast.

2 thoughts on “008 I am all over the place… how will I find my life’s work?”

  1. The client called in actually were more educational when she expressed her situations.
    Sophie, first you were laughing at her, having no sympathy of her. Then you were talking about yourself about your grief of losing your partner. You are trying to solve your own problem. You are using her, the client, to build your discipline. You are not helping her solve her problem.,… The client even tried to ask question again. Sophie was still refusing to address her question. Continue to talk her own problem, went from nobody to somebody, name herself pitbull….. while the client is waiting for Sophie to answer… Sophie is all over the place…

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