055 – Chicken and Obesity… can chicken make you fat?

podcast-chicken-obesity-eggs055 – Chicken and Obesity

Trying to loose weight and you think you’re eating zero or low carbs? This episode will surprise you.

054- DNA, Capacities and Challenges. What’s better” being born talented or earning your stripes?

podcast-DNA-capacities-growth-Source054- DNA, Capacities and Challenges

Why can’t people change their minds?  Your belief system is in your DNA.

Changing your DNA, guided by Sophie.

What happens when you acquire more capacities because you changed your life and lifestyle and you need the capacities?

What switches capacities on or off.

Why you need challenges to grow. The enemy of growth is comfort so expect Sophie to upset your apple cart.

This opens up new capacities, so you see more of reality, and widens your cone of vision.

Surprising wake up call from Source…

(listen to episodes 052 and 053 to follow the conversation)

053-Theta, Source and Light

podcast-theta-connecting-to-source 053-Theta, Source and Light

Brainwaves – theta, delta.

In Delta you go home to Source and get nourished.

Hypnosis cannot force you to do things you don’t believe

The Light is always there waiting for your to connect, like the electric socket is on the wall waiting fro you to connect.

You need to connect, plug yourself in. The mind cannot connect. You need to change yourself into a plug. Hole yourself. (see explanation below)

You can choose connect or not connect. Be guided, not be guided. Do all your work or not do your work.

What does Sophie mean by ‘hole yourself’?

Here is Sophie’s reply:

hole yourself, if that is how i said it, means: pushing all of you into that socket

your whole self

no squeamishness, no withholding, no prim and proper


(this conversation continues in episode 054)


052- Zero Point Field

052- Zero Point Field


Your world view. Seems Source is more interactive than inside current worldview.

Source – God – are you collapsing them?

3 potentially tragic health issues- taking complete responsibility with worldview that Source doesn’t give a darn and &^%$ doctors.

Connection withdrawn – what to do to restore it? What major rules violated?

Arm was broken and the two edges were not aligned, so whole arm twisted. Without doctor Sophie would have been crippled.

Having a conversation with Source…

If you don’t feel the hurt does it hurt? Source says Yes. Pain medication.

What is Source? What is Consciousness? What is the part of us that stays awake at night?

Religon for most is second hand knowledge- it’s not your experience, you heard it and repeat it.

Zero Point Field is not God. Source is not God.



051 – Personal Growth

051 – Personal Growth

Most things require two hands.  When you go through life with your eyes open vs hindsight.

Sophie lives what she teaches.

Responsibility. Growing beyond.


049 – Principles Part 2

podcast-principles-life-love-health049 – Principles Part 2

How you do anything, is how you do everything.

Why your vibration goes down… and what to do about it .

Integrity and attitude.

You might fool other people but you can’t fool yourself.

048 – Principles Part 1

048 – Principles Part 1

Look where else… is it a principle?

The colour exercise…wordless recognition

Marriage, spouses, children, siblings and parents..

047 – Are you running on empty?

podcast-energy-housework-women-047 – Are you running on empty?

What depletes your energy? Yakking. Mundane activities. Junk emails, articles, memes and lots of busy

Why are women less worth in the marketplace than men?

All the talking empties you of creative tension needed for work. You leak your energy.

Mundane is necessary – but nothing new comes out of it.

People who have something to contribute, mostly don’t have children – they are too busy to procreate.  It’s not a time thing – it’s an energy thing. Bill Gates was already wealthy when he started his family.

Most valuable energising input is books!   Sophie’s articles fill and nourish you as long as you read them without scanning or skipping words. (Use a dictionary!)

Most of humanity is running on empty, so do things that don’t require much spiritual energy.  Spending time with those who are running on empty,  depletes you faster than anything.

Entrainment. You and your environment affect your water energising system. Tip: keep the headphones playing 24/7. Every morning, switch the headset off then on, and check what is playing. Some wives switch their husband’s systems off!!


046 – Reading and Humility

podcast-reading-humility046- Reading and Humility

How to read. Humility. Business. Eating the menu. Watching business videos and wondering why you are not making money.

You don’t hear what you hear, you dont taste what you eat… you never considering looking again

Beginner’s mind and humility. To look again you need to declare yourself incompetent. Say: I know nothing I am an empty vessel, fiill me up. The danger of a little bit of knowledge and when you see it wrong…