045 – Meaning Making Machine (Playground)


podcast-sophie-landmark-education-meaning045 – Meaning Making Machine (Playground)

Maybe there’s only one course you cneed to do increase your happiness by 60%.

Beconing a human BEING.

Sophie is different to Landmark- she only teaches what you really need.

More about the Playground and of course there are 3 earlier episodes to listen to and the full audio to order!


This episode is part of a series of 4. They were extracted from a 90 minute conversation. If you would like to ehar the full audio, visit this article: Get outside the nine dots for a subscription link.

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Enter your name and best email and Sophie will send you a copy.  There is the 90 minute version and a slightly shorter version just under an hour with the pauses and ‘ums’ trimmed out.


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