043 – Meaning Making Machine (Wigs!)


landmark-try-on-wigs-podcast043 – Meaning Making Machine (Wigs!)

Meanings are like wigs. In this second part, Sophie explains Try It On, a phrase used in Landmark.

When you loosen the connection between meanings and the ‘thing’ your life can be glorious.

Did you do an earlier version of the Playground and wonder why the heck you should do V3 (for guys) or v4 (for gals)?

(Were you lke me thinking, Oho,  all I do is change the meaning to the opposite, yeah job done…tick. What’s next on my self-improvement list?!!?)

Or maybe you’ve never done the Playground and wonder why Sophie is writing and talking about it …

Or maybe you spent a whole hour on the story/facts technology in the six month Landmark course…


This episode is part of a series of 4. They were extracted from a 90 minute conversation. If you would like to ehar the full audio, visit this article: Get outside the nine dots for a subscription link.

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