039 – Why are you wearing that jacket?


podcast-soul-correction-circuitry-sense-of-lack039 – Why are you wearing that jacket? Your creativity, your words and what you see. Missing only exists if you say so. Nothing is missing unless you say so. There is no vacuum in the Universe. You are going to see that you already said something. Can you catch what you said and be creative and say something else? We only see, what we think we understand, our eyes may see it but our brains don’t 🙁   Mostly it’s the same set of words, eg fun-no fun, stupid-not stupid, interesting-not interesting,.. everybody has ‘their’ set of words. after this podcast listen to 040. This episode is a special ones for those with the Circuitry Soul Correction where there is a sense of ‘lack’. Yet, there is no lack. There is no vaccum.  If you have been wondering what it is like to be coached with Sophie tune in to this and the next episode. And to get the most out of it, listen to it several times. There’s a lot crammed into these short podcasts.   And be sure to post a comment.Ok, go listen!


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