OK… soul correction. Why is it called soul correction, why are people who have the same soul correction similar, and what is this correction… this is what this call is about… The process of becoming a Self… a human being.

I am still trying to find my way… and given how slow I evolve, it may take a while.

I have had a 90 minute call on Sundays for nine years now. Half of each call is worth to be made public.

So I am going to see what I can publish without offending people, without curse words, and containing good and entertaining conversation.

This is the first attempt… I’d like to get feedback.

I do a lot of my “discovery” work in these calls, because having a person to bounce off ideas, a person who is a great listener, a person who gives a good echo is the perfect environment for this type of work.

Let me know what you think.

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