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  1. Hi Sophie,

    Regarding your insigtful podcast on “001 Consistency,” is it possible to have you put me in direct contact with the person who was in this podcast? I mean, the person who you were conversing with?

    I am in a very, very similar state of mind/space, and would love to communicate with this woman who shares very similar feelings about her life.

    If you can’t give me her email address, can you please forward my email address (karen_mayes@writeme.com) to her?

    It would mean the world to me, really.

    It would be a very big favor, in the end, for all of us.

    Many thank yous!

    Love Karen

    1. I remember that call… it was 6 years ago. I have totally lost contact with that person since.

      Now, that is to answer what you asked for… the answer is no.

      But I have a question too: why do you want to get in touch with someone who had a conversation with me and never got their “s-h-i-t” together? who is still all over the place? And not me… who can teach you something?

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