054- DNA, Capacities and Challenges. What’s better” being born talented or earning your stripes?

podcast-DNA-capacities-growth-Source054- DNA, Capacities and Challenges

Why can’t people change their minds?  Your belief system is in your DNA.

Changing your DNA, guided by Sophie.

What happens when you acquire more capacities because you changed your life and lifestyle and you need the capacities?

What switches capacities on or off.

Why you need challenges to grow. The enemy of growth is comfort so expect Sophie to upset your apple cart.

This opens up new capacities, so you see more of reality, and widens your cone of vision.

Surprising wake up call from Source…

(listen to episodes 052 and 053 to follow the conversation)

051 – Personal Growth

051 – Personal Growth

Most things require two hands.  When you go through life with your eyes open vs hindsight.

Sophie lives what she teaches.

Responsibility. Growing beyond.


042 – Meaning Making Machine

landmark-meaning-making-machine042 – Meaning Making Machine

What does it mean, to be a meaning making machine?

Learn to see and look where you don’t normally look

The Playground- a year long programme with weekly partner practice. (At Landmark they spend a whole 60 minutes!)

What does touch typing do for you?  Clue: muscle memory. Is it more important to learn than book keeping?

Shorthand awakens 3 capacities – hearing what is said without adding on meaning

Thought experiments, chess, checkers and strategy

Life is empty and meaningless. All the meaning is given by you.


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030 Skill Building

podcast-skill-building030 Skill Building.

What are skills?

Building blocks. You can’t learn surgery with doing surgery. Embroidery as a skill.

It’s too late to dig a well when you’re thirsty.  Seeing and hitting the bullseye.

Skills are portable.

TLB – you have to challenge yourself and have a conversation with yourself.

Conversations that get you unstuck are a skill.

James Altucher became a person when he chose himself. Stop complaining. That’s how it is. Don’t worry if nobody choses you.


003 What does it take to change into a new career or The art of changing direction and succeed

new-career003_what-does-it-take-to change-into-a-new-career

talking points:

how do you go from one profession to another? having a vague idea is not enough!

  1. learned, school learned profession may give you a process and teach you everything
  2. learning, self-directed needs YOU to build a curriculum, or you’ll fail
  3. law of process, research, guidance, mentors

how do you know what skills to build?

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