048 – Principles Part 1

048 – Principles Part 1

Look where else… is it a principle?

The colour exercise…wordless recognition

Marriage, spouses, children, siblings and parents..

041 – How to energize water

Instructions-hydration-energised-water-Sophie041 – How to energise water

Get your water coherent. Simple 5 second check you can do each day to make sure your water is energising, especially when your area has storms and electricity fluctuations. Looking at the display.

Most dominant human emotion is frustration. Frustration makes you feel powerless. Where you point is the only place you have power.  Things are supposed to be the way they are. Club owners are supposed to be AH. Sewage suposed to smell like sewage, I am supposed to have pain when I have pain. My mother is the way she is. She is exactly the way she is supposed to be.  Powerless is an attitude, how you relate to it.Life is supposed to be the way it is. Dropping the ball – stupidity when incoherent.

(Little clue that your water is not energising when suddenly you are stupid…)

018 Mites: the tiny terrors that lurk in your home, car and office

mites-itching018 Mites: the tiny terrors that lurk in your home, car and office

These tiny terrors leap onto your body when you walk around.  They make you itch, cause inflammation and could contribute to cancer.

Sophie has been testing many ways to reduce the mite colony on her own body. She’s reduced their number to 50.

Listen and hear what happens when these critters realize they are being eradicated…


011 What do bacteria have to do with your DNA?

DNA-ancestry-eating-Sophie-podcast011 What do bacteria have to do with your DNA?

Have you heard about eating according to your DNA ancestry type?

Do you know what happens inside your body when you eat food that isn’t a good match to your particular DNA?

Listen to this episode now and find out why Every Food is Poison.