040 – Coaching with Sophie

040- Coaching with Sophie. Listen to episode 039 first. Sophie is interested in you growing, giving you ALL the power. She figures out the disconnect that holds you back. In contrast, most coaches withhold power, so that you keep coming back.

Sophie is guided by the echo… if you have boring-not-boring, or fun-not-fun as an echo to everything, then you need to expand your accurate vocabulary. Not-fun is not real. (Explained in episode 039) If that is your pivot, then Sophie starts working on that, to expand your vocabulary, and her job is to make it a little bit flexible. Change comes from what you do.

There is a saying: You take yourself wherever you go. What are you bringing from the past into your present and future? The inner witness can see it and it is ruthless. Most people can’t see their own attitude, so need it pointed out to them  by a mentor, coach or in a workshop like the Playground.

Anything you see, comes with words already attached. They come together, like the front and back of your hand. There is an  emotional and maybe  intellectual content with the words.  Get curious – what part is reality and what part is the speaking (the already-attached words).

Everything that happened to you, came with a meaning. If you want to change your future, apply for the Playground live workshops, Reclaim email based coaching or private coaching 1-2-1 sessions.

P.S: What Sophie does is unique in the world. Don’t wait around for ten years, because Sophie is old and you will regret missing out.

039 – Why are you wearing that jacket?

podcast-soul-correction-circuitry-sense-of-lack039 – Why are you wearing that jacket? Your creativity, your words and what you see. Missing only exists if you say so. Nothing is missing unless you say so. There is no vacuum in the Universe. You are going to see that you already said something. Can you catch what you said and be creative and say something else? We only see, what we think we understand, our eyes may see it but our brains don’t 🙁   Mostly it’s the same set of words, eg fun-no fun, stupid-not stupid, interesting-not interesting,.. everybody has ‘their’ set of words. after this podcast listen to 040. This episode is a special ones for those with the Circuitry Soul Correction where there is a sense of ‘lack’. Yet, there is no lack. There is no vaccum.  If you have been wondering what it is like to be coached with Sophie tune in to this and the next episode. And to get the most out of it, listen to it several times. There’s a lot crammed into these short podcasts.   And be sure to post a comment.Ok, go listen!


036- TV and Coaching

podcast-strengthen-muscles-meet-your-own-expectations-life-is-tough036- TV and Coaching. Missing capacity of looking from many angles. Principles of the 67 Steps. How to awaken the innate capacity? Daily coaching environment that nudges you to growth. How do you correct what you are not clear about? Life is tough. Meeting life’s challenges.