047 – Are you running on empty?

podcast-energy-housework-women-047 – Are you running on empty?

What depletes your energy? Yakking. Mundane activities. Junk emails, articles, memes and lots of busy

Why are women less worth in the marketplace than men?

All the talking empties you of creative tension needed for work. You leak your energy.

Mundane is necessary – but nothing new comes out of it.

People who have something to contribute, mostly don’t have children – they are too busy to procreate.  It’s not a time thing – it’s an energy thing. Bill Gates was already wealthy when he started his family.

Most valuable energising input is books!   Sophie’s articles fill and nourish you as long as you read them without scanning or skipping words. (Use a dictionary!)

Most of humanity is running on empty, so do things that don’t require much spiritual energy.  Spending time with those who are running on empty,  depletes you faster than anything.

Entrainment. You and your environment affect your water energising system. Tip: keep the headphones playing 24/7. Every morning, switch the headset off then on, and check what is playing. Some wives switch their husband’s systems off!!


038 – What are you up to?

podcast-business-what-are-you-up-to038 – What are you up to?

This special episode is for business owners with a growth mindset. Busy-ness, clarity, revenue, attention. The secret to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s success- they put all their attention on what they are doing. A tool from Sophie that helps you put all your attention on what you are doing. Can you wash dishes in a way that builds business muscle? If you’re looking to improve your business revenues, then Reclaim could be for you.