014 Carbs and Fat Burning Part 1

carbs-american-diet014 Carbs and Fat Burning Part 1

First episode in a series about carbohydrates, weight and fat burning metabolism.



013 Look before you leap. How the Jews bred capacities.

capacities-stupid013 Look before you leap. How the Jews bred capacities.

When living in a hostile environment, the rule is Don’t Do Stupid.

Capacities develop by necessity –  do you want to live?

Then don’t DO stupid. You can THINK stupid and as long as you correct your mistake right away, it’s not a mistake.

012 Good. Bad. Change is the only constant.


012 Good. Bad. Change is the only constant.

How reading the newspaper trains you to make hasty conclusions.

If you own a business, this episode is especially important.

011 What do bacteria have to do with your DNA?

DNA-ancestry-eating-Sophie-podcast011 What do bacteria have to do with your DNA?

Have you heard about eating according to your DNA ancestry type?

Do you know what happens inside your body when you eat food that isn’t a good match to your particular DNA?

Listen to this episode now and find out why Every Food is Poison.

009 The metaphor of a helicopter ride and your vibrational number

You think that you see the same things no matter how high your eyes are? In this episode you’ll learn the dramatic differences in different views… this is a great analogy for vibration.

008 I am all over the place… how will I find my life’s work?

My name is Sophie Benshitta Maven, and my main site is https://www.yourvibration.com Where I teach people how to raise their vibration.

This is an old audio. It’s a conversation with a regular caller who is all over the place… I advise her on how to start living her life’s purpose, how to make room for it, etc. It’s a good first audio on my podcast.

007 Producers… are you a producer or are you a moocher?

I am using Ayn Rand’s terminology. The audio explains what I mean, I hope. I am also measuring the number of people, in different cultures, who are producers. Be prepared to be surprised.

Th world average is 3%. 3% of humanity is carrying the 97%.

006 How to live a life from your higher self… kabbalah, soul correction, tikkun

living life from your higher selfIn this podcast I attempt to create a new system that combines Kabbalah, evolutionary biology and psychology, and Landmark Education’s transformational technology.

I start with Kabbalah’s take on the birth of the Universe, the origin of the souls…

I continue with the nature of the souls… what the souls are up to
while they battle it out with their own receiving nature, and the Opponent, the selfish gene… aka the ego.

Then I share what was the process I went through myself, in the past 20 years, that raised my vibration to 940, and that allowed me to bring down the Light for myself and for people I work with.



OK… soul correction. Why is it called soul correction, why are people who have the same soul correction similar, and what is this correction… this is what this call is about… The process of becoming a Self… a human being.

I am still trying to find my way… and given how slow I evolve, it may take a while.

I have had a 90 minute call on Sundays for nine years now. Half of each call is worth to be made public. Continue reading “005-soul-correction-what-are-you-pretending”